Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Dual Time copy watch

Up Close With Steel Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Dual Time Copy Watch

Introduced at SIHH 2015 luxury replica watch exhibition, this timepiece is equipped with a complication that was developed in-house by Montblanc, which enables it to simultaneously display a second zone time (local time) along with the time in its wearer’s home time zone. The date display also corresponds to this local time hand. If the user does not need to display the second zone time, the second hour-hand can be set so that it completely covers its counterpart for the time in the home zone. The 24-hour display at “12 o’clock” shows the home time with a day and night indication.This feat is achieved with the aid of a second hour-hand that can be reset in hourly increments without affecting the position of the first hour-hand.

After manual resetting has been accomplished, the user recloses the crown by pressing it inward to its original position. The new local time can now be read from the dial and the date corresponds with the new zone time. The other hour-hand remains unaffected by this and continues to show the home time. The 24-hour display at “12 o’clock” serves as a day/night display for the home time.

Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Dual Time replica watch
Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Dual Time replica watch

All indicators are set exclusively thanks to the crown. For example, to set the time for a zone time that is six hours behind the current setting, the mens fake Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Dual Time watch’s owner withdraws its crown to the first extracted position and then turns it to reposition the hour-hand six hours back to set the new local time. Neither the minute hand nor the second-hand is affected by this resetting: both continue to run uninterruptedly, thus preserving the exact time.The crown conveys a palpable sensation each time it triggers the hour -hand to progress through a one-hour increment and toward the new zone time.

The overall height of the 41-mm-diameter case in stainless steel is an elegantly slim 9.9 mm. The bezel has a flat surface that’s alternately polished and satin-finished. The horns are rounded. The Manufacture module that Montblanc developed for the Dual Time mechanism consists of only 21 components.

Built from three parts, the bright silvery white dial is adorned with a sunburst pattern and bears eleven facetted applied indexes and a prominent numeral “12”. The leather wristband is crafted at the mens fake Montblanc Pelletteria, the Maison’s own leather manufacture in Florence, Italy. The new and uncommonly flat double folding clasp secures the strap.